Thursday, April 27, 2006

Risen from Purgatory

I'm back. Well ..., sort of. This is mainly, for now at least, an update for those who don't already know. Bonnie was admitted to the hospital on April 19th, and while the manner of her going was chaotic and unpleasant in the extreme, the upshot is rather more desirable. Her treatment regimen has begun, and in approximately 2 months she will be approaching the end of her recovery period and almost ready to rejoin society. I am, you may imagine, eagerly awaiting the day.

I will not go into gruesome detail on the manner of her going, except to mention that it took 2 emts and 2 deputies to secure her to a gurney.

The precipitating circumstance was a completely unexpected event - my left leg ceased to work and, to add to the chaos, became painfully inflamed. After three days of agony and the realization that we were both now housebound and incapable of caring for ourselves, the only option was to have us both admitted to the hospital. I made a point of explaining to the emt that i was moderately depressed (a bit of forethought that fortuitously came in handy, even though it occasioned a comedy of errors and ran the risk of having me confined to the psych ward also.) I'll probably further detail my trip through the bowels of the medical system, but this is not the place for it.

My leg is still exceedingly weak and i cannot sit or walk for more than 10 minutes before a flareup of pain occurs, but it has for the most part been reduced to nagging discomfort. While there are many tests that remain to be done, the preliminary diagnosis is a condition known as osteopenia (wow! the things we learn!) It is a lesser form of osteoporosis and is characterized by a loss of bone density. It is at the moment unclear whether i will regain full use of the leg.

I once again wish to thank all you marvelous people who have been unstinting in your prayers and support, and a special mention must be made of those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided willing ears when things became too much for this old gent (you, I trust, know very well who you are.)

I'm happy to be back and on the mend.



mymaracas said...

I'm awfully sorry life has been so rough on you lately. It's good to know Bonnie is getting the help she needs, and that you seem to be doing a little better too. So glad to see you back here, writing again!
Hugs to you both,

barbpinion said...

I have been gone for awhile, so am barely now catching up with journals. It saddened me to hear all the two of you have been going through. Please know I will be keeping both you and Bonnie in prayer, as always.
Much love

tsgerkin said...

Walt, I hope this note finds you feeling better.  I know that Bonnie is in good hands and is working towards recovery now, but you dear sir...I pray that you still have someone caring for your needs as well.   Did you try the Knox Gelatin yet?

Hugs and smiles,


mutualaide said...

Well, you know Mal (Walt), but I prefer to call you Malt -- the alter Ego, that I am obviously just catching up on some much needed reading.  Hoping that today you are feeling better and that we get a chance to chat later!

queenbigo said...

Although I'm sad that this had to happen, I'm glad Bonnie is at a place where she can get better.  I hope she gets well soon.  And you need to take care of yourself, too.  :)  I'll be thinking of you both.

gdireneoe said...

Hey...;)  Catchin' up. ;)  C.