Tuesday, June 20, 2006





Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited 'cause we understood

There's one perfect fit

And, sugar, this one is it

We both are so excited

'cause we're reunited, hey, hey

From Reunited by Peaches and Herb



nikg2005 said...

This is wonderful!  Enjoy :)


mutualaide said...

Peace, at long last.  Yippee!

fitzzer said...

Woo hoo!!

justplainbill said...

Glad you two are back together again. I am sure your mutual support will go a long way. Bless you and good luck. Bill

mtrib2 said...

I am glad that you are reunited.     I have not been on the computer for awhile and am trying to get to journals for a few hours today.    I am being helped by a neighbor that can do the heavy lifting working on my current home addition.    Waiting now until 3 pm when the area is in the shade of my Pecan Tree, and the day starts to cool.     I am too exhausted and just lay down when we are done for the day.     Hope to be making an entry soon with a photo of the construction.     Hope things for the both of you are going great.       mark

barbpinion said...

I am so happy to hear this. It made my day! Big hugs to you both.
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

queenb8261 said...

My best wishes to you both. I'm pulling for you. Richard & I hope to leave tomorrow though whatever I have is still lingering slightly.  Best of everything.
Hugs, Barb

sunnyside46 said...

I can feel your happiness