Thursday, September 21, 2006


Okay, we're about to get completely tasteless again, but that's part of the reason you drop by, isn't it?

In light of this -

cooter n: The vulva.

- we're somewhat sorry that we missed this.

And, just for the heluvit, here's a picture of a mouse who knows how to use its head, courtesy of Kathy.



mutualaide said...

Uhm, I think I'm glad I missed that one.  The suspense would have killed me!  ROFLOL.  You two.  Well, no actually, it's Walt.  Bonnie is the cheerleader!  Oh, and yes, I do stop by because of your penchant for the obscure!

mymaracas said...

LOL! Races... and you think I hang out in some strange neighborhoods?

PS - that's gotta be the critter we've been after in the garage. He's eaten what woulda been next year's tulip bulbs, about a pound of cat food, and a good 5 inches off the weather stripping on a brand new garage door, but has no interest in anything we can think of putting on a mouse trap.