Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

We were warming. We were greening. And then - we were cold and white again. Today the sun is of that brilliant purity that leaves you in no doubt that your retinas will ignite if you gaze too long upon it. There are sounds of melting and ice breaking away.

Winter is a fickle soul.

We thought we might offer a cynical political observation.

We thought we might revisit the unexceptional bookbindery.

We think we'll just publish the puzzle.

This is the second in the CityState series of sudokus.

(Note to Kathy - your word scramble skills should stand you in good stead for this puzzle.)     ;.)   {;~)>

Bonnie has given this puzzle a rating of ** (of course, over time she's become an expert solver, so she may unintentionally be understating things.)

Happy Sunday, happy solving and


Bonnie and Walt  


dkb11161970 said...

dudes, i've been thinking of your white wintriness and wondering how long that will last and if you are slated for spring time warming trends to coincide with the calendar spring arrival.  i'm sorry that you are having such a sad sorry lemon-butt of a time right now.  i hope that you will soon be feeling springee as tigger, ya know, on the inside (cuz being that springee on the outside would be jarring).  the furrbees send their love, stella is much much better, ziggee is his lil adorable excitable confused self, and shaddow is her peanut butter treat loving gentle self.  and i am soon to be tea drinking the wonderous treasures these wonderful friends have sent...grins, hugs, loves, debra

randlprysock said...

Happy Sunday and Happy St Paddy's day belated!!!  Too bad it is Monday though.  Weekends are never long enough!  Hugs,

mutualaide said...

Ah, I loved the snow.  Now, it is, OFFICIALLY, time for it to go.  Had 'nough!

mymaracas said...

Hey, thanks for the puzzle! Looks like a dandy.

Vicki <-- very curious about what might have been revealed about the unexceptional book bindery, had the snow not been so dazzling ...