Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

The last Sunday of the year is come. If we had still been employed at the unexceptional bookbindery, we would have had to have worked Christmas Eve and today, because B-shifters get no respect whatsoever, save for what might accidentally happen their way, and then only if it's not spotted and stomped flat first. To add injury to insult, we would have been chivvied enthusiastically out the door before the stroke of midnight, lest the company be forced to pay us time-and-a-half. We would have been made to feel lucky that we were allowed to have the actual holiday off, even though the A-shifters would have gotten a 3-day weekend. 

Today we get to kick back, sleep as long and as late as we wish, and enjoy whatever small pleasures the day brings us. Sometimes there is justice.

As it is the last Sunday of the year, today's puzzle will be a special one.

It is technically a J-land puzzle, albeit one with a difference. It includes the name of a journaler, and also a hidden message that rhymes with her name. Those of you who solve the puzzle will need to determine the first letter of the third word of the message to complete it successfully, but it shouldn't be difficult to suss; it is not very subtle.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good morn.



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