Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

First of all, congratulations to you, and you, and you. Each of you is now enshrined in Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" Hall of Fame. Are you generating content on the Web? Of course you are. You are therefore entitled to the designation. Hoist a glass of your favorite beverage to yourself; you've earned it.

Now to the puzzle. Next Sunday will herald the advent of the CityState series, but we wanted to let it be known that we have not forgotten the J-land sudokus. They will still appear randomly; we wanted, however, to vary the subject matter a little. We could say that we wanted to demonstrate our versatility, but that would be fatheaded. 

This puzzle, as in previous J-land sudokus, features the name of a journaler somewhere on the diagonal. The fill-in portion features the title of the journaler's original weblog and, contained within, the name of her present aol journal, along with her name.

We have been alerted to an ongoing phishing scam by our friend Kathy, and we include the links to the original releases on the FBI website here and here. If you receive one of these calls, please ignore it. It is totally invalid, although it can appear to be quite intimidating to the uninformed and unwary.

For those who care, the doors of Bonnie's Curio Closet are about to swing open once more for the grand year-end revelation of the risible, the useless, and the truly tacky that manufacturers believe we just cannot live without.

You've been warned.


Bonnie and Walt  

1 comment:

mutualaide said...

Oh, ever the pranksters ... I cannot do a Sudoku or a Soduko or what-have-you.  But I will await, with baited breath the answer to this one!

Never in my life did I think I'd be a Hall-of-Famer!  Amazing, really, dontcha think?