Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cruel Mistress

Good morning to my non-existent auditors. Herewith is another Diatom. This is one of the few that feature an asymmetrical heart. Well, actually it is symmetrical, but off-center. I have used the heart twice, deriving quite different effects from each attempt. I can't say that I particularly care for this one - I even considered erasing it, but it refused to expire, and I do find something inexplicably compelling in the design.

I had planned to take a day off from bringing these creatures to life, but when the urge strikes, there seems to be no denying it. I can wander off, lie down and solve a crossword or otherwise entertain myself, but sooner or later I am drawn back, eager to continue, so as to see what the new individual will look like. This is an experience which is new to me, to be so driven by something. There is certainly no profit in it, except for the relief of curiosity, but on it goes, regardless. As I write this, I have produced a new creature, and am already at work on another skeleton. I am continually amazed at the sheer variety that arises from 2 orientations of 1 design component, and the attendant components which spring from the exigencies of the construction.


I promised a caricature of one of our pets, and it is included above. This little lardball is named Squeak (not very original, I know; some of my friends would have me call her Ekaterina Anastasia or some such, but ....) Picture an aging hippie, with a mouse perched upon his head, sitting at a laptop with eyes squinting and fingers cramping, and you'll have a pretty good representation of my situation.

No one may ever view this journal, but that's okay. This is mainly to affirm that I do, indeed, exist, anyway. If I can believe the musings in some of the chosen journals, the nameless, faceless editors are seeking pop culture aficionados to highlight. If so, surely no one will see this, because I am pop culture-impaired. Pop culture may be an eternal verity, but the components of same (such as Britney and Ashlee) are anything but. Mere flashes in the pan on the stove of the Universe. I do not seek to denigrate them, I just find them irrelevant. What they do, where they go and with whom, feh.

Well, I feel the pull of an unborn Diatom. I wish you well and God bless.


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lamove04 said...

Hello.  Well, you have a visitor!  I like how your mind works.  You should have more visitors here, I think.  Just meant to come by and say, steal the Cycling Pig, no prob, someone emailed it to me, I'm not sure who the original animator is!

Take care, and enjoy your Diatoms, they're cool... Albert