Monday, February 28, 2005


Good day, all. The hits just keep on comin'. This diatom is unique in two respects. It's the first massive creature to be born, and its flesh is coarser, in that I used half the usual number of shades to cover the bones. Maybe sometime I'll reflesh it with the full range of shades to see how the pattern changes. I can't help but think of this as some sort of alien bloom, with a very sharp, thorny center.

I've included a representation of an imaginary afghan that I would very much like to crochet, if I were into that kind of thing. I was exposed to plenty of that when I was growing up (do people still knit and crochet in this fast-paced, changing world?)

Watching CNBC. Biogen Idec, a stock I own (to quote Jim Cramer) took a huge hit today. Major bummer.

Chat capability seems to be running on empty today. If I think of anything else, I'll post it later. Be kind and gentle to each other. Peace.




lamove04 said...

I feel special, being that sole "Other Journal"...

I am so tempted to pimp you, if you feel like more company here.  --Albert

lamove04 said...

PS: #2 Diatom Pattern is very beautiful!

njlittlebear said...

I saw you posted a comment on Alberts Journal.  I figured I would visit.  Great Journal !  I'm sure I will be back.


gypsytrader49 said...

I came through Albert's Journal. I think Biogen crashed because of the recall of Tysabri. That was the medication I'd been waiting two years for. Very interesting journal...I'll Be Back"