Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Microscopic Madness

This is the sibling of Diatom #2 - same skeleton, different flesh. Believe it or not, the pattern is exactly the same, but different elements have been emphasized due to the deepening of the hues of the heart (neat turn of phrase, no? Geez, what a fathead!)

There are 17 of these little creatures so far, and the variations seem endless. Each time I think I have reached the end of creation, another insists upon being afforded silicon life. Where (or if) this will end, I have no idea. It somewhat alarms me that there may be no end.

My choice of auditory pleasure dictated that I include one of my other graphic pursuits (perhaps it's the planet of the Diatoms; who knows?) I was at work on a representation of Jupiter's moon Io when the Diatoms hijacked my attention; maybe someday I can finish and post it.

Suppose God was bedeviled by a thought one day (can God be bedeviled?) and was inspired to create creatures? Suppose the creatures began to insist that more of them be created? How would God have felt? Would HESHE have felt compelled to continue, or would HESHE have said the hell with it?

As any artist you care to name might say, I do this because I can; I do this because I must; I do this to please myself, and if you at all enjoy it, then I have touched you in some small way. That can't be a bad thing.

I believe in a Creator. I do not believe in organized religion. Too many horrors, too many deaths have been perpetrated in the name of Religion, to allow me to believe that the Creator wants it that way. I doubt that the sight of flowing rivers of blood excites and pleases God. I read a post some time ago, and I paraphrase: "I love God, and I love war." The thought process that was capable of generating that statement is totally alien to me. At the risk of committing heresy, I offer the thought that most of organized religion is an implement of the devil, insinuated into the human psyche so as to spread quiet evil and ultimately produce and gather more warped souls.

Enough of these darkling thoughts. I guess lots of coffee at 4 am will do that to a person. Hell, only my friends are going to read this journal anyway.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of "Diatoms in Spaaaaaaaaace." May your sun shine brightly.

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