Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's Just Another Day

They say that waking up is/ hard to do

Now I know/ I know that it's true

The fog of snore.

I included this particular Diatom today because as I awoke, the mystic in me rose to the fore. (This was the one I called the "considerate" Diatom, and is the one I may use when I wish to meditate. There's a lot to ponder in this one.)

I included this in queenbigo's journal the other day, but I'm tossing it in here just because, darn it, I like it!

SPOILER ALERT! In the final Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Moldy Sock", it is at last revealed that Dobby is actually Lord Voldemort and that he is Harry's true mother! (If you haven't yet read this series, please do; it's well worth it.)

Bernie Ebbers is guilty of all charges, proving that folksy charm isn't always efficacious. Whatever one may think of him, and his 'mushroom defense' (he was fed feces and kept in the dark), he was the CEO of Worldcom, and he had a responsibility to the employees and shareholders to make certain that the company was being run properly.

If you are the head of a major corporation, it is your job to know what goes on at all levels of the company. That's why you were hired. That's why you have underlings who report to you. If you are too incompetent to handle the job, you don't belong there.

A miracle! The sun is rising in the west! A judge in California has struck a blow for basic human decency and equality. Rejoice.

Seek your center. Observe and analyze what you discover. Employ your inner strength to overcome the demons within. Peace.

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