Thursday, March 3, 2005

Creative Fugue

I don't have a lot to say about this Diatom.

It's not a great day, so I won't say much.

It occurs to me that my earlier remarks on abortion may be amenable to misinterpretation, so I'll briefly expand upon the subject. As may be apparent, my "religion" is uniquely my own, it comes from my own heart and is the result of long years of thought. My objection to abortion is solely directed to my view that the taking of life knowingly is wrong. That being said, understand that it is also my view that the rights of the living carry more weight than than the rights of the unborn. If any woman feels unable to carry a prospective life to full term, and place the baby for adoption if she doesn't feel capable of properly caring for it, then it should be her right, if she is comfortable with that option, to have an abortion.

My personal view is that all souls will be delivered into the world eventually; if not in one body then in another. I do not believe that abortion represents the irretrievable loss of a soul.

Since I have strayed onto the subject of souls, I may as well state my belief that all creatures, great and small, possess souls. Pet owners come to understand that each animal has a unique personality. I believe that if you have a personality, you have a soul. It has also been my personal experience that in various ways, animals express emotions. It seems to me that emotions and a soul are inseparable.

Please live as if you will be called to account, in the next life, for what you have accomplished in this life. It may be that you will.

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lamove04 said...

Fascinating as usual, and thank you for elucidating (wow, do I even know what that word means?)

Sorry your day wasn't so great, but I do like the Diatom.  --Albert