Friday, March 4, 2005


Very good early morning, fellow Netizens. My main purpose here is to write about my obsession, Diatoms, and so I will open this entry with my thoughts on this one. It resembles, at least to me, a tortoise shell. When the central portion evolved, it reminded me of a headless frog - make of that what you will.

This journal is my psychic landfill; feel free (if you are so inclined) to dig through the trash to see if there are any diamonds.

I have to admit here that this entry is being written solidly under the influence; I don't often indulge, but by no means am I a teetotaller. I have read somewhere or other that occasional applications of alcohol can improve an oldster's mind; I am all in favor of that concept.

For those who have not done the math, I am 56 years old. I have had many years of experience in the art of experimentation (make of that what you will.)

I am totally blitzed now; I think I should close this until I am more in control. Two words: Battlestar Galactica. At some point, when I am more in control, I will offer my thoughts on what I watch, and why.

Peace and love, Malcolm

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