Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I Read the News Today Oh, Boy

This 13th Diatom bothers me for a couple of reasons. I really like the center, but the outer periphery seems almost to have an aura of gloom and foreboding. It feels like a bright soul beset by woes.

It looks as if the jubilant Republicans will finally manage to get their bankruptcy bill passed. Good news for the consumer! Now your debts will dog you forever. The only way to protect yourself from the greedy and heartless financial "services" sector is to forego your cards or use them as if they were debit cards. If everyone who carried credit cards used them for convenience only, you can bet the issuing companies would scream bloody murder and start slapping on new fees penalizing people for not carrying revolving credit. Believe me, these companies are making mountains of moola from people who carry a balance (I know whereof I speak here.)

Perhaps the Diatom represents the poor consumer, beset and hedged about by inimical corporations and their congressional lackies.

Further rants on evil corporate entities to come. Until then, love is not all you need, but it sure helps.

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lamove04 said...

Actually, I really like this Diatom, but then again, you know I tend towards gloomy sometimes...

Republicans suck.  --Albert