Friday, March 4, 2005

A Life in the Day

Hello Netizens and lovers of all things Diatomic. This ninth Diatom shares a heart with Diatom #3, but the skeleton evolved in a completely different fashion.

Since many journalistes chronicle their day-to-day activities, there's no reason why I shouldn't also.

I consider myself an eremite, but that has a religious connotation, so I'll call myself a recluse. I tend not to leave the house, since I am only technically ambulatory. Toppling in public might be amusing for viewers, but since no one pays me to do it, I would rather refrain.

The main joy of being a recluse is that I have absolutely no set schedule. If I wish to fall asleep at 2:00 pm and wake up at 9:00 pm, there is nothing to stop me. I am able to do what I want, when I want, beholden to no one and needing to impress no one. This, to me, is true freedom.

TV and the Internet are my links to the outside world, and I make full use of them. The Net, especially, is extremely useful for the physically challenged. It allows me to do many things that I couldn't otherwise do, and as a reference tool, it is invaluable. Also, it has allowed me to discover Diatoms. (For those who care, there are some excellent diatom websites out there.)

The Net has been compared to a web, but I liken it to the World Tree of Norse myth, Yggdrasil (there are some excellent Yggdrasil sites, also.) Each computer is like a tiny rootlet, sucking nourishment from the world and delivering it to the central trunk, which is thereby enriched and empowered to grow larger.

Okay, now I'm beginning to blather. Treat each other with respect and dignity. Peace.


fuzslady said...

i find your journal very fascinating.  I will be seeing you again.  thank you for the comment on my journal

hugs to you

I now have to go to a diatom website and find out more

lamove04 said...

Malcom:  Recluses are underrated...  Eremite. Never heard that word before.  Very interesting.

I really like your definition of the Internet, and I continue to be fascinated by what you put in here.  Carry on!  --Albert