Monday, March 7, 2005

Can't Trust That Day...

Today's Diatom is a special one - it was inspired by the creator of Albert's World http://lamove04/AlbertsWorldofArtsyFun (pimp of the day.) Once I had the inspiration, it came quite easily.

I'm not sure if I can call these critters artistic; I feel more comfortable with the concept of graphic design. I do, however, enjoy working with pixels, rather than the more conventional materials (pencils, oils, etc.) I may be alone in my fascination with the patterns that evolve from my work, but I haven't seen anything else like these anywhere else, so I'll soldier on.

A short note about language. I love words and language; always have. You will seldom see anything in this journal that could be considered obscene, profane or vulgar; my days of rebellion are over, and there are people who allow words to have power over them, and who are easily outraged. I personally find this deplorable; words are just that - words. That people allow nouns, verbs, or adjectives (or various other parts of speech) to exert power over them emotionally - I find the concept difficult to grasp. However, as I said, I will try to protect tender sensibilities by restraining my vocabulary. Besides, why would you want to use a word like s**t when you could use a fun word like feces?

Make the effort to meet somone new today. The more people we know, the more connected to humanity we are, and the more we learn to accept others' differences.

Bad words of the day:



Peace - Bonnie & Malcolm

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lamove04 said...

I am so flattered to have a diatom created especially for me, and I love it.  It is the phallic (well-geometrically so) diatom of my dreamz.

Thank you!  :-) Albert