Friday, March 11, 2005

Fixing a Hole ...

Today's Diatom is a special one in a couple of respects - it is the only design that has an outer rim which is not smooth - a function of the heart. It is also not complex - but it does have a type of elegance. One interpretation of this one could represent the energy of creation (my personal interpretation is of pain - but that's a tale for another time.)

I have reached the conclusion that these critters are not art - they are craft. My reasoning is that art cannot be reproduced exactly and precisely in its original medium and form; anyone, however, possessing the patterns and knowing the techniques, could replicate these, much as an afghan or table could be duplicated.

Therefore I shall consider myself a craftsman. I do think, however, that these patterns do approach art, in the same way as a mosaic or stained glass window can approach art. I like to think that I have created a new craft form.

Bad word of the day:   inflexibility

True kindness never kills.


sistercdr said...

I don't think I've commented on your journal before, but I've found it every interesting, and I do love your creations.  Your last line today made me think.  Kindness sometimes does kill. A doctor administers antibiotics to a sick person, knowing that the antibiotics will kill the bacteria causing the illness, yet it is a kindness.  As a Christian, I see one of the greatest kindnesses and mercies in our Creator allowing Jesus to be killed, yet the result was grace for the world, a tremendous kindness.  A curious paradox.

lamove04 said...

Malcom: I'm so happy to see a comment by Cynthia, sistercdr, she is one of the most thoughtful journalers around.  

Many craftspeople get all bent out of shape about the whole Art vs. Craft argument.  And a lot of so-called Fine Art is the most horribly crafted stuff around.  Then too, there are "fine artists" who have craftspeople and others manufacture their work to their specifications.

Be that as it may, I like the elegance of this Diatom-- it feels somewhat Gazelle-like to me. Horns, I guess.