Friday, February 25, 2005


Hello again, Diatom aficionados (if such there be.) Here is another in a series of small creatures that demand to be given life, and won't leave me alone until I do. At this moment another is going through the pangs of birth, but one does need to take a break occasionally. This particular Diatom possesses the most intricate of the skeletons thus far, and has a sibling which shares the skeleton. (I'll post that one soon.)

I'll probably post them less often than once a day, since it requires some time for one to grow, first from the heart to the bones, thence to the flesh. Creation is painstaking and laborious, even if compulsive. I have no idea how many of these little creatures there are; even though there are seemingly a limited number of recurring features, new and different varieties continue to appear.

Since this is a journal, I suppose I can be self-indulgent and reveal a bit about myself. Through disability (PAD) I have been forced into early retirement, although this isn't necessarily bad, since it allows me to explore my creative impulses at long last. I live a quiet and uneventful life, and am content (a state many find difficult to attain.) My pseudonym is Malcolm Mott (derived from the opposite of the French phrase for "good word".) I am happily married  to my wife of 35 years, "Bonnie Mott" (I'm sure you can guess.) We love animals and are confirmed pacifists. We abhor the taking of life and so oppose both capital punishment and abortion. While I do not presume to judge a woman's need to undergo an abortion, I believe it to be the unconscionable taking of a life.

Soon I will post a caricature of one of our pets, and the geneses of the Diatom Project. May you all enjoy peace.

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