Thursday, February 24, 2005

Graphic fascination

 The story died after about 20 chapters. Maybe it will resurrect someday. Until then, I guess I'll indulge myself by posting various graphic designs upon which I have wasted much time. Perhaps someone will enjoy them and be inspired to create.

 This is the first in a series called Diatoms. The title reflects not only the appearance of the designs, but also the curious fact that they are, in a way, organic. Through a combination of accident and study, I discovered a particular component or element which is useful for constructing a skeletal pattern. Using a variety of shading techniques, I put flesh on the bones. It is a dynamic process, since at first the skeleton grows outward in a random fashion. At some point I begin to flesh out the design, and it occasionally becomes necessary to alter the skeleton to accomodate the "flesh". Oddly, the hue chosen for the core affects the completed design, as different aspects of the pattern are highlighted as the shading proceeds from medium to light and dark. This can actually alter the look of the finished product.

This particular design was one of my first, and I was surprised at the way the central portion evolved. It isn't very intricate, but I believe it to be striking nonetheless.

I continue to construct skeletons because the process is one of discovery and surprise. I have found that other elements have evolved out of the design process also, making these patterns truly organic. I hope you like them.


cneinhorn said...

this is all very facscinating!


tsgerkin said...

hummm sounds very DiVinci Code to me...grab your chairs and come over for some spiked tea.  There is someone new to rock with us!  Ya-hoo!  

Love and hugs,