Thursday, February 23, 2006


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I stand, bent, grizzled, wizened,

face to the gale and the onrushing waves


will this be the time

that I finally cave?

Do I still remember how

to confront the challenges that face me

or will my

memory falter

and prove my end to be?

How fierce the biting pellets,

Icy chips of frigid sea sting my face

(or are those

tears that scour my eyes?)

Whence comes this bitter place?

Beyond me, facing toward

land that seems desperately far away

my other

waits in winging hope

that I will save the day.

Give me strength to carry on

and do the things that must be done before

the cruel wind

and the waves destroy

us both forevermore.

Write Words Writing Club


Copyright Malcolm Mott 2006



barbpinion said...

I have no doubt you will find the strength you need. We're much stronger than we believe ourselves to be, and you have many people praying for the two of you. You're an awesome writer. I'm just sorry that pain inspired such a poem.
HUGE hugs. I'm here for you - and your sweet Bonnie too.

gdireneoe said...

Holy moly...  And you said you couldn't write?  Hauntingly beautiful hon'. ;)  C.

randlprysock said...

THIS is fabulous writing.  I do believe you should seek to be published.  Hugs,

mtrib2 said...

Wonderful poem!   mark

sunnyside46 said...

I hope you find the strength to carry on.

fitzzer said...

This is just beautiful Mal. You have so much talent, feeling and expression.

jcrazytrain said...

So beautiful. :o) Love D