Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank Yous

Thank you, Deb and Kathy, Kathy and Deb. Your separate but equal contributions to the newest Dark Rambler chapter (that would be chapter seven, out of Word via the magic of copy and paste and into virtual reality on the Dark Rambler site - sorry about the shameless plug) are hereby gratefully acknowledged, and we hope you're both happy with the result.

And a blushing thank you to Nikki for her generous plug in her own journal - Nikki, we'll be as happy as cheese-filled mice to have you critique us any ol' time.

If anyone happens to see this and is intrigued enough to visit the Dark Rambler site, we hope you enjoy the show, and remember, it's only a story.



mutualaide said...

You are welcome and I shall plug you as soon as I have enough energy to think about struggling through yet another  journal post (of my own).  I am finding everyone else's just so much more interesting.  :::sigh:::

sunnyside46 said...

more chapters?
Here I go