Sunday, July 23, 2006


We have astonished ourselves. We have just now posted Chapter 8 of the Dark Rambler saga, only three days after Chapter 7 was posted. Please do not expect this to be a common occurrence, it happened only because Francis wished it to.

Thanks are once again due to Deb and Nikki, Nikki and Deb, for their invaluable input, and we unabashedly thank Kathy for the plug in her personal journal.

If anyone should spot an Oxford mouse gamboling about in a mortarboard while clutching a tiny diploma, please send her home. Thank you.



mutualaide said...

Oh goody!  More pressure.  Now I gotta go find a mouse!  Where or where did the little dear go?

sunnyside46 said...

so one of the mice has graduated and left home?