Thursday, August 10, 2006

Belated Props

It has been awhile since (for good and sufficient reasons) we have done a props entry, but it is time to remedy that. We are in the habit of giving props to anyone who drops by, and at some point we will be giving due respect to those who have visited only once, but we would like to recognize a few people who have come back for more than one helping, and who we are learning to know a bit at a time.

First, we would like you to meet Barb, who, like me, is an experiencer of peripheral neuropathy, and has a journal called Diary of a Mad Woman. As to her purported madness we cannot testify, but we can vouch for the fact that she's a very nice woman. Go and see.

There is Mark, who is in the midst of reconstruction on his house in the beautiful terrain of southern Illinois, and who shares with his readers some marvelous photos of same. His journal is called Marks Daily Journal. If you would like to view those photos and say hi, head on over.

And we have a new visitor to our 'other' journal, Of Mice and Puzzles, named Jeff, who can and will write about anything and everything, and does a bang-up job of it too. His journal is called Psychosomatic Wit, and it is, in our humble opinion, worth some minutes of your time.

We plan, at some point in the possibly near future, to do a grand prop entry, including every single one of our once (and some future) visitors, which, if we lived in Boston, we could call 'Boston Props'. However, *sigh*, the final title will be much, much lamer. Don't bother looking for it at a store near you.

Some day, once our lives are fully our own again, we will resurrect the journal sudokus, but the time is not yet felicitous (if you think this is a reference to the Dark Rambler saga, give yourself a gold star and have a cold beer.)

Chapter 11 is completed and ready for posting, and while we might have preferred it to be a little more lively, it is what it is. We hope you enjoy.



queenb8261 said...

Awwww you guys.  Thanks for the props.  I really appreciate the shout out.  Hope this finds you well and C*O*O*L.  Not having a good night tonight.  My feet on occasion take to swelling and nothing but nothing will get it under control.Not even lasixl.  The last time this happened I ended up in the hospital wearing these air compressing booties.  They inflate with air then deflate and they help push the fluid out of the tissues.  I have my own air compression boots but they aren't quite the same thing and they aren't helping.I guess I am going to have to break down & call the dr.  Hope you and Bonnie are doing well.Thanks again for the props guys.  Appreciate it.
Hugs to you both, Barb

mutualaide said...

Well, heck, you could have called them the Boxford Props a while back!  As always you are generous folks with lots of brain cells and The Dark Rambler continues to tease!