Monday, August 7, 2006

Ramblers, Readers and Risibility

We wish to announce that chapter 10 of the Dark Rambler saga is now available for your delectation at its home site. We would like to acknowledge all seven of our admitted readers and occasional contributors in alphabetical order - Deb, Kathy, Lisa, Marti, Nikki, Vicki, and V - and our one occult peruser, M. Thank you, thank you, one and all.


Bonnie heard a joke on the radio last week, but could remember only the general tenor of the joke and the punch line, so I undertook to recreate something that partook of the contents of her memory, and here is the result (please, we are equal-opportunity offenders, so we hope that you don’t become too offended) -

The Almighty one day decided to return Jesus and the prophet Muhammad to Earth in physical form, that they might appear before their respective followers in the Holy Land to prepare them for the coming end times. So as to facilitate their mission, the Almighty saw fit to equip them with the finest in modern technology, the latest design in personal computers.

Upon their return, they immediately set about collecting information from their adherents which, that evening, they began faithfully to enter into their databases. All went well until, late that night, a tremendous thunderstorm ripped through Israel and Gaza, knocking out each power station in the Holy Land and shutting down every pc. Muhammad was horrified - every bit of data that he had so painstakingly entered was lost to the whimsy of the storm when his pc crashed. Jesus, however, far from being crushed when His computer shut down, sat before His keyboard with a beatific smile upon His face. And the reason that He remained unruffled was this -





Jesus saves.



mutualaide said...

LOLOL!  Good one!

queenb8261 said...

Very good.

mymaracas said...

So good to see you still have that wonderful sense of humor.