Friday, August 25, 2006

Karr Lines

Some John Mark Karr headlines and their cable news banners:

Karr's Father Also Named John -

Johnny Karr's Son

Karr Commandeers Vehicle, Flees -

Police Engage in High-Speed Karr Chase

Karr Flown from Thailand to Los Angeles -

Karr Hop

Karr Spends First Night in Jail -

Karr Crashes

Karr Late Arriving in Boulder, Prosecutor Worried -

"Dude, Where's My Karr?"


Addendum - Jeff asks "Why should we Karr about all that? ;)"

and we just had to answer "We should care because we all love a Karrnival."

Addendum 2 - Jeff opines "Not all of us love Karrnivals. Some of us get Karr sick! ;)"

Not to be outdone, we were forced to drag out the black humor, and replied -

 "You may not enjoy a Karr ride, but John Mark Karr evidently enjoys a slay ride."

How low can we go? Stay tuned.



1 comment:

mutualaide said...

OH MY GAWD!  This is in such poor taste and I am sitting here laughing my arse off.  Stop.  Please, stop!  Sick and dark ... definitely a relative of Francis.