Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Weekly Sunday (Props) Puzzle Page

As far back as we can remember (and, to be sure, that is a way), Sunday morning has been imbued with a special aura that pertains to no other day of the week. When we were very young, it was a day to sleep late (for our parents, certainly; we were likely up at the crack of dawn) and to dawdle over the breakfast table. As we aged, it became a day to suffer the ministrations of our mothers and don clothing that we would normally loathe, and refuse to be found dead in, all in aid of appearing before the Lord in something approaching respectability.

After we married, it became a day of rest for us, an opportunity to forget the worries of the workday week, a day to read through the various sections of the Sunday paper and to take long exploratory drives through the countryside.

It is still that for us, lacking only the worries and the long drives, but with an added sense of peace. And it has become a day for us to demonstrate that we are not yet virtual vegetables by posting the resultant products of our pixel-slathered fingers and twisted minds. To wit -

This edition represents a prop for this particular journaler, who is something special in J-land. It is unusual in that there are two names located on the diagonal (we thought she would want it that way.) The fill-in portion includes her s/n and the name of her present journal.

In response to our "Grumpy ..." post, Jeff requested that we list the advantages of aging. We at first quirked, smiled, grinned and guffawed, thinking that there was no possible way to fulfill the request. We have, however, given the notion due and careful consideration, and have managed to cobble together two very important and related advantages. The first is that at our age, we no longer have to make compromises in how we present ourselves to the world. We are free to be exactly who and how we are, without the necessity of having to play nice in order to maintain employment, or to get along with those for whom we have lost respect through the process of familiarity. It is not that we are sociopathic, but there are certain types of people who we have learned, through the acquisition of bitter experience, simply do not suit us, and we now have the choice of whether or not to enter into a relationship with them.

The concomitant advantage is that we are free to speak as we wish, and to say exactly what is on our minds, without much caring if those who do not like what we have to say become offended by it. If what we say offends someone, it is likely someone we would not care to maintain a relationship with anyway.

This is not to say that we delight in going out of our way to offend anyone. We believe in the idea of living and letting live, and we truly appreciate others who feel the same.

There is a delicious peace of mind and comfort in discovering that one can, and ought, be true to oneself.


Bonnie and Walt


queenb8261 said...

Love this entry. I'm with you on the advantages of being mature.  As I like to call it.  Right now it's sort of different with our 25 yr old son and 2 little granddaughters living here. It's changed things--a lot.  Not for the worse, I think for the better.  The bonding going on is priceless.  I wish I felt like doing more with the girls.  I couldn't even zip Shelby's jacket this morning because of my hurting hands.  :(   But there are lots of positives.  Sorry I haven't ha time to study your puzzle hints/tips.  BUT I WILL!! Wishing you a warm and wonderful week.  
Hugs, Barb

mutualaide said...

Frank and Mary.  Just Mary.

mutualaide said...

Indeed, it is nice to just be me and the 'devil with the rest'!