Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

We seldom use this page as it was perhaps meant to be used (i.e., as a daily journal) for the simple reason that little in the way of ordinary life changes for us (those of you who have been visiting for awhile know that when a major event occurs, it is likely to be chronicled here, just as a way of preserving the memories.) The little vents and gripes of daily existence that we experience are dealt with outside of this page, in our interactions with friends whom we have met through this medium but who have, with us, moved beyond it, and we thank them for demonstrating the patience that they do.

That being the case, we have felt free to use this space as an entertainment venue of sorts, to put into words and pictures notions that we (as perhaps might some of our visitors) find humorous; to call attention to items that have impinged upon our attention, just for the helluvit; and to showcase the various products of our interests.

We are no longer attempting to attract visitors, or even seeking comments as we once did (not that we don't appreciate the ones we receive - we truly do); we have attained our goal of having discovered a few good people who appreciate what we are trying to do, and have become, we like to think, friends, or at the very least, welcome acquaintances.

We have exhausted our feeble repertoire of things to say about one of our favorite pastimes, puzzles. Even if we had much more to say upon the topic, you would, no doubt, all be moved to go outside and contemplate cloud shapes rather than subject yourself to such horrible torture. Hence, we shall simply publish the (for now) last of the J-land sudokus.

This puzzle contains the name of a journaler who resides solely (as far as we are aware) at blogspot. In his journal, he has recently taken to chronicling the events of his newly-wedded life. The fill-in portion includes his name and the title of his journal.

On future Sundays, we may throw in a sudoku from our CityState series, a word search, or one of our current fascinations, the presently titled Cryptocrostics (formerly heralded as WordFigures - we changed the title to more properly reflect the dynamic of the puzzle.)

Once again, we are beginning to bore ourselves. It's time to put this outside.


Bonnie and Walt 



mutualaide said...

Well, dang, I hate when it happens that I bore myself!  I cannot guess the blogspot, uhm, blogger, but will wait with baited breath for your answer page on Wednesday.

Does this really mean you are hanging up your hat from journaling here?  On AOL?  Anywhere?

I think, Motts, that you would find yourself a lovely and welcome blog in a more public, widely distributed (?), different venue?  

And where the hell is FRANCIS?

Catch you on IM soon .. I hope!

randlprysock said...

Ooooo I love a good puzzle!!  My request will be for a word search... that is when I get done unpacking all of these boxes in about two or three months!  Thank you for your well wishes and keeping up with my journal when you can!!!  Hugs,

fitzzer said...

I too hope you're not leaving us, but I'm a fine one to talk since I've been doing more reading than writing myself. Glad you were finally able to visit mine, even if there wasn't much to read :) hugs, ~ L

PS - do you have snow!?!