Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our Weekly Wednesday Answer Page

Kathy, who posts the private journal Life On Flamingo Row, has requested a favor of her friends. Her dear cousin's son was involved in a vehicle crash, and did not survive. She has included a link in her journal to one of the newspaper articles, if you wish to follow it. We ask that you please send your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes her way, that she and her family may be comforted. It is always difficult, we know, to cope with circumstances such as this, and J-landers are known for joining together to offer their support and comfort to those in need. If it's not too forward of us, we would like to thank you, J-landers, on Kathy's behalf, for being there for her.

Here is the answer for the Dec. 24th puzzle.

We would like to profusely thank both Kathy and Barb for their lovely plugs in their journals, and as long as we're tossing in links, we'd like to welcome Debra and Vicki as charter members of our little puzzle club.

For our signoff, we would like to quote Kathy:

Peace. Out.

Bonnie and Walt

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mutualaide said...

Thanks for passing on the prayer request Bonnie & Walt.  Prayers are always accepted and appreciated.

Didn't get that puzzle completed either.  I wonder, does looking at them count?