Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Weekly Wednesday Answer Page

It's Wednesday already. Why, only yesterday, it seemed like it was Tuesday.

It's already obvious that we have nothing to write about. Last night we watched what the cable news channels persist in calling the SOTU. It was unremarkable, except for the rather subdued nature of the speech and the entertainment value of discovering which section of the audience thought it appropriate to stand and applaud at which initiatives were being proffered.

Having beat it to death in the late hours of yesterday and the early hours of this morn, the news cycle has already moved on.

Despite the serious nature of the consequences for our people and our country, we find it hard, these days, to get very worked up about things. Perhaps, having seen too many of these spectacles over the years, we are just overly jaded. Or maybe we sense, after all has been spoken and left undone, the futility of expecting miracles to occur.

Fret not, news junkies. The sound and fury will continue indefinitely, even if you never discover anything of substance. Perception, at bottom, becomes reality if it is shoved in front of our exhausted minds often enough.

Here is the answer to the journal sudoku of Jan. 7th (it seems so long ago now. We should have resolved to swear off the consumption of news.)

(Note to Barb: if you haven't done it yet, don't peek.)


Bonnie and Walt


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mutualaide said...

Must agree with you.  Sad state of the union, ya' know?