Friday, February 2, 2007

February 2nd

Attention, government officials of small towns across America! Is your local economy in the tank? Are you worrying about how to keep that last gas station and tavern open? Are the last hundred people in town packing to leave? Fret no more!

It's "Hoist-A-Small-Animal-Into-The-Air" Day! What better way to attract hordes of cash-waving tourists to your desperately poor region than by hauling some shy, hibernating creature from its comfy den and exposing it to the pitiless light of day? Punxsutawney did it; you can too!

Remember, hoist a small animal into the air today!

Oh, yes, don't forget to alert the major media, or you won't have the chance of frost in Hell.


Bonnie and Walt


mutualaide said...

Yeah, really, what is the attraction there?  Gah.

fitzzer said...

Maybe you're onto something here....
PS. that bunny pic is so sweet!

randlprysock said...

THey are so cute!!  Hugs,

jcrazytrain said...

well I noticed the bunny and OMG so cute