Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Night the Music Lived

Bonnie has always been the music aficionado in the family; up until this century, music has often formed the background of our life together, but I left it to Bonnie to keep up with the particulars of this topic, while I allocated my attention to other topics that Bonnie might not show great interest in. In this way, we have both acquired a good education in a wide range of topics, as our interests have tended to bleed one into the other, and we both are enriched thereby.

In 2003, the Dixie Chicks were reviled for daring to speak out against George Bush and his war. They suffered through many attacks upon their patriotism, spewed out by people who demonstrated some ignorance of what patriotism truly is.

Tonight, they won a Grammy for best country album and album of the year- Not Ready to Make Nice. Rock on, Chicks, and let people know that the music never forgets.

Gnarls Barkley is Crazy like us, and we love it.


Bonnie and Walt


dkb11161970 said...

i like gnarles barkley and will head on over to check out the grammy stuff tomorrow.  thanks for the cue, cuz i forgot.  oh!  and i'll reread today's post that went with the crossword.  cuz i'm sorta limited on time right now, huggles debra

queenb8261 said...

bbbbOK, now you know I love you guys but here is a little subject where we're going to have to agree to disagree.  By NO means am I a Bush-Lover. I AM now a Chix hater and Natalie Maines is from my hometown and my husband grew up with her Dad & uncles.  I used to LOVE said Chix.  However when Natalie opened her big mouth the 1st time on foreign soil, my son was embroiled in a "conflict" halfway around the world.  An enlisted man fighting for our freedom to open our big mouths whenever and I guess wherever we please. Well, W was my son's boss. To me that is like someone else bad mouthing my mother.  While it's ok for ME to do it, it's not OK for anyone else to do it.  They say you can't support our troops without supporting the War. And to those I say bullshit. When you're in the military you don't get to pick and choose your battles. This town, this State for that matter being notoriously Republican of course came out strongly against the Chicks. There are quite a few radio stations in this town.  Every one of them but one, still are not playing their music. (Unless this has changed lately.)  And Natalie Maines is FROM here. Can you imagine your hometown not playing your music? I'm not sure if my rambling has made any sense. LOL
Oh and I don't know who Gnarls Barkley is. LOL I'll have to look it up.  Hope you are keeping safe and warm and having a good sleep tonight and every one following.
Hugs, Barb  

sunnyside46 said...

I am lovin the Chicks myself. Good music and good politics mix well.

mtrib2 said...

Dick Cheney was actively looking over the CIA's shoulder's pushing for evidence of Sadam Hussein having WMD's and not resting until the CIA would supply him with evidence wether it was verafiable or not.    German intelligence  had testimony from a source 'curve ball' of Sadam having a mobile chemical weapon's lab.  'Curve Ball' was described as an alcholic of questionable reliability and could not be taken seriously without further verification.    Another suspect that was 'rendered' by the Egyptians for the U.S. to obtain information that linked Iraq to having meet with one of the highjackers on 9/11 gave coerced testimony of said meeting which he later recanted after release saying he did it due to torture.    Tenet working with Cheney gave into pressure from the White House and convinced Sec. of State General Powell to testify before the U.N. using a made up diagram of a chemical weapons lab and irresponsible information of Sadam seeking nuclear weapon's grade material.     I will let people of far more importance than myself or the Dix Chix speak about the Iraq War.    mark

randlprysock said...

Yes I do remember the Dixie Chics speaking out about Bush.  I do wish he would end this war and find a way to bring our troops home.  I do wish we weren't going into debt for this war.  I can only remember God is in control somehow and that someday all of this will make sense to us.  And I do like their music.

fitzzer said...

Despite what some people think, I believe you most certainly can be patriotic and supportive of the troops while having your own opinions about our leadership and the war. I'm happy to see they won, but even happier to see the Chili Peppers (my fav) won too! :)

mutualaide said...

Okay, it's kind of like this:  if you believe in free choice, you believe in abortion.  Nope, not necessarily.  And that's how I feel about our troops too.  I believe in THEM, but perhaps not the war they fight.  But shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell them that.  I don't want them to be distracted by me.

fitzzer said...

Stopping by to wish you both a Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs, ~ L