Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Our Weekly Wednesday Answer Page

First, we'd like to thank two of our good friends for some items that they sent us - Debra for a sampler selection of teas that we had not tried, and which were uniformly quite good; and Kathy, for the Anyday Card and the small-town news publication that is always so much more interesting than ours.

Next, a gratuitous selection for our This is Rochester series - it is, we think, fairly typical of certain people who live near substantial bodies of water, but Rochester does seem to possess more than its share of them.

Lastly, here is the answer for the Jan. 20th sudoku -


Bonnie and Walt


mutualaide said...

Can you say, "What a DOPE!!"  Glad that isn't my car.  Didn't get that Sudoku either, but then, you didn't expect me to!

randlprysock said...

That is so nice that friends sent you some teas and the card!!  Have a wonderful day!