Friday, February 9, 2007

This is Rochester

We first inserted a quick bit about this in Wednesday's entry, but we were unaccountably fascinated by the whole sorry saga, so we thought we'd include the followups today.

The first full-fledged article was in Wednesday's print and online edition of the Democrat and Chronicle, which you can read here.

This article is particularly notable for the quote "Vehicles do not belong in the bay." The gentleman from the DEC has a keen grasp of the obvious, and owes his job, no doubt, to political patronage.

Thursday's edition featured this article.

Today's edition has this article, which largely reprints Thursday's material but does reveal the estimated cost to Mr. Newberry, who has presumably learned a valuable lesson (vehicles do not belong in the bay.)


Bonnie and Walt


randlprysock said...

Happy Friday!  Hats off to you guys for keeping up on current events as I never seem to have enough time to even know what the weather is going to do next.  Hugs,

dkb11161970 said...

say NO to vehicles in the bay
grins, debra

fitzzer said...

Bet he won't be doing that again anytime soon! :)
Hugs, ~ L

mutualaide said...

I've had some pretty bad days, weeks, months and years ... but none have included an SUV demolished, by, uhm, the tow company!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

Sorry for Mr. Newberry ... sort of.  A lesson learned, indeed.

mtrib2 said...

It will probably buff out, lol !    mark

queenb8261 said...

This kid belongs right up there with the kid who didn't blow out the flame on hit "lit" shot. LOL Glad noone was hurt.  Think his Ins. premiums will go up?
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Barb