Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

Ah, marvelous Sunday! It's very quiet here now; the only sounds are those of the furnace soughing away and the infrequent small squabbles occasioned by a particularly choice nutmeat (and the omnipresent squeal of the exercise wheel.) Bonnie has gone out to the store and the library to pick up a few things, and here I am trying to decide what puzzle to place in this space. Lisa has expressed a preference for a word search, and since we have constructed some but never posted any, this may be a good time.

A short explanation about this word search (and word searches in general) - this puzzle was created for the father of a friend, and I asked her to offer themes of interest to him, so instead of a single theme, there are six; all of the themes are included as search terms (e.g., country music.)

Word searches, we have found, are the most time-consuming and tedious puzzles to construct. I will not go into all the reasons why; the best way to discover that for yourself is to try to construct one. Nevertheless, they do represent a challenge, and we have discovered that word searches are a quite popular type of puzzle, perhaps because all the information necessary to solve the puzzle is included, and because most people do enjoy a scavenger hunt. We have constructed a few and probably will continue to do so when the mood strikes, when we have found a sufficiently entertaining or informational theme. At any rate, we hope that you enjoy this one.

I just had to edit this in - different town, different bay, different idiots - same outcome. When will they ever learn?


Bonnie and Walt


sunnyside46 said...

no time to do puzzles, it's a hectic Monday on my side of the screen.Just had to stop and type a smile your way. Have a good one.

randlprysock said...

This is totally awesome!!!  I'm printing it!!  Hugs,

mutualaide said...

Oh, if you could just hear me say, "COOL BEANS!"  I'm printing as we speak, so-to-speak.  I love the lively word search.  Never fear, I still have 3 words left to find on the Dune puzzle.  LOL.

D'oh!  They won't learn.  It's all about instant gratification and 'it won't happen to me.'  


mutualaide said...

By the way -- this is a tough puzzle!  Might be due to the size of the print when it's printed out.  More than likely it's my brain!