Monday, December 12, 2005

Bon & Mal's (Slightly Late) Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

We've just finished the daily round of emails and journal readings, and now it's time to unveil the latest puzzle. It has been brought to our attention that perhaps our instructions are not thorough enough, so we've made an attempt to offer some actual clues (this is specific to last week's puzzle, not this week's.)

Every row across and every column down can contain only one each of the 9 listed letters. In addition, each block of 9 boxes can contain only one of the listed letters. By a process of elimination, you'll discover that a particular space can only contain one letter.   If you really want to try it, here are some tips for last week's puzzle - the grid can be coded like this -   

     A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I










In box #8, in column A, there is an O. No more Os can be placed in column A or in the bottom left-hand block of 9 boxes. In box #6, in column C, there is another O. No more Os can be placed in column C or in the center left-hand block. There is only one box left in which the third O can be placed - box #1 in column B. The same applies to the F in box E6 and the F in box F7. Eventually, you'll find more boxes where only one letter is the proper one.  

 This week's anagram/fill-in features the first name of a journaler and the initials of the condition with which she lives.


I have been assured by Bonnie (chief tester and troubleshooter) that this is easy - she rated it at most **. (Why isn't there a star symbol on this keyboard?)  

We hope you enjoy our efforts.  



randlprysock said...

... Sigh, if only I had time to play.  Darn, gotta get the payroll moving and get to bank.  Hugs,
PS Looks like lotsa fun though.  

fitzzer said...

This should make things much easier. I swear I'm going to try to figure this out, but I just can't think straight right now - I sorry! :)

jcrazytrain said...

whos journal took the least time to read? LOL Thanx for the comments XOXO D

sunnyside46 said...

I ma too tired to concentrate on this right now, but I think it's realy cool you invented it.