Saturday, December 3, 2005

A Winter Morning, 4:00 AM

It is curious - the nature of living things seems to be such that the majority prefer patterns to order their existence, pertaining as much to animals as to us humans, as pet owners can attest. There are always exceptions, of course, but in the main, we enjoy and appreciate our rituals and routines. When they are disordered or disturbed, most of us tend to get a touch upset.

 No more perfect example can be found than the uproar over the debacle of aol and the resultant, ongoing furor. Many of us are learning new routines and patterns in a new milieu - some of us may be inspired enough to create our own templates and web pages, just like geeks do. (Oh, come on, Spell Check, geeks is so a word.)(Oh, no, I’m talking to Spell Check - is that a bad sign?)

Routines. Yes. Well, here is our routine. Somewhere between noon and 2:00 pm, we just lower or mute the sound on CNBC and drift off to the realm of Morpheus, waking sporadically and rapidly returning to sleep. Around about 11:00 pm or so, we awaken and begin our ‘morning’ routine, one probably familiar to everyone, save for the fact that I don’t shave. Bonnie watches the news, while I fire up the laptop and crawl onto the Web. We watch a couple of tv shows, and afterwards cook and devour our ‘breakfast’. Then, it’s time to clear out the e-mailbox. This can take a couple of hours, depending on the amount of mail, including adding comments to other journals. By then, the newsletter from the Washington Post has generally been received, or, if not, there’s the My Way news site, catching up on what I missed during ‘breakfast’. Then it’s time to copy sudoku puzzles for Bonnie (from the Chicago Sun Times, the Miami Herald, USA Today, and the Washington Post, for any who can’t get enough of these fiendish things. I’ve drawn a grid and saved it to our files for periodic reprinting; if anyone would like to have a copy, please let us know.)

By this time there are things to watch on tv again, so it’s back and forth between tv and the computer, time spent mainly doing puzzles and jigsaws. We enjoy watching the ‘expert’ guests on CNBC breathlessly hyping this or that stock, particularly CEOs who relish the exposure, but frantically try to avoid imparting to the audience any tidbit that might actually prove useful. Watching Alan Greenspan speak always cracks us up, especially when what he has had to say moves the market appreciably.

Sometimes during the morning (afternoon or early evening to us) we’ll have a smaller meal, leftovers, soup, or a sandwich, and we perform the small domestic duties required to keep our space livable, and of course we keep our mice well supplied with the needs of their existence, and often one or the other of us can be found sitting on the couch stroking one or more of them.

Finally, as I mentioned, somewhere in early afternoon, it’s off to sleep. Such is our routine, and it goes ever on.

Peace and good will.


mutualaide said...

It's interesting that you live on a different time schedule than the typical person.  Perhaps this is what makes you so interesting and fun to know!

Like sentries in the night you are there watching over the world.

I wonder, did you work the night shift for years and years?

randlprysock said...

Thanks for sharing a look at your day with us.  I love routine.  I do thrive on order and constancy.  I like steady.  That's one thing about my husband I adore.  He is steady and neither of us like change much.  We must be getting a bit older now.  Hugs,

sunnyside46 said...

you two are vampires!
your world sounds so cozy.
It has been nice for us the past 4 days, we have lived like that, sleeping when we're sleepy, waking to no schedule,often just the two of us.since Tom's surgery, all that matters is getting him better.
how did you get into your night life habit?

jcrazytrain said...

hey now yankee pot roast is not a small meal LOL you night owls:o) D

blondepennierae said...

Just as I am going to bed you are rising.  I will shout 'good morning' into the night just before I close my eyes.  I hope you can hear me.  Pennie

fitzzer said...

You really ARE night owls aren't you? :)  That's awesome.