Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bon & Mal's Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

You all know by now what's coming - but first, #4's theme journaler was Albert, in case you're following along. This is puzzle #9 (can't believe we've actually managed to create that many.)

The anagram/fill-in portion features the first name and the screen name of this week's theme journaler.

This puzzle is sponsored by Bayer Corporation, producers of the fine OTC tablets Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine (sparkling ORIGINAL flavor). When your head is throbbing in sync with your pulse, and no air can pass through your nasal passages, there is no better product for obtaining temporary relief.

Next Sunday there will be no puzzle, in honor of Christmas Sunday. All of you will be celebrating in your own special ways, and so will we, in our quiet fashion.






And, as ever,

peace on earth, good will to all Creator's creatures.

Bonnie & Malcolm Mott



blondepennierae said...

And the same to you precious people.  Pennie

gdireneoe said...

Hey you two.  i have this one and the last three saved...sorry.  It is mad ass busy around here as a mommy volunteer this time of year.  i will catch up over Christmas break. ;)  C.

tsgerkin said...

Hey Bon & Mal, I love your puzzels only for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to play them.  Each week I think I've got it, then I find out that I really don't know squat!  Maybe V is pouring his magic brew too early in the day.  

Little Jodi is sick, I think we need to have a gathering to help get her well.  I'll start shopping this morning then invite everyone over later today.  What ever you cook I'm sure it will be extremely tasty.

Merry Christmas my friends.



mutualaide said...

I look and look and I am completely stumped by this type of puzzle.  I did, however, see a book titled 'Soduko(sp) for Dummies' at Barnes and Noble.  Pocket sized -- I may have to pick one up.  Argh.

sunnyside46 said...

what did you do for the holiday?