Sunday, December 11, 2005


We have been tagged by two wonderful people, Christina and Louie, so we’d better do this or we’ll be the recipients of bad karma forever and ever, amen.

We are requested to list ten things that make us deliriously happy, and then we must force five others to do the same. A second request is that we do this individually. (Sorry, Christina, but we’ve been together so long, we tend to be pleased by the same things.)

1. The love that we hold for each other

2. Mal's 'burgers / Bonnie's pot roast

3. The incomparable splendor of a starry night in June

4. Gamboling mice

5. A comfortable retirement

6. Dividends

7. The soft sound of rain on the roof, knowing we are safe inside / The lonely sound of a faraway train

8. Puzzles

9. Life

10. The knowledge that, through journaling, we have discovered some wonderful, sharing people

Now don’t pass around a meme asking us to list 10 things for which we’re thankful, because we’ll just reprint this list.

Now - Lori, Marti, Vicki, Deanna and Celeste - you’re it.

Yes, you’ve been tagged.



randlprysock said...

Some lovely answers and now I think I know you a bit better.  I like puzzles too but it's just been ages since I could sit down and do one.  I'm looking for a new card table I can set up for my puzzles.  Have a few to do.  I want to put them together and glue them onto a frame and background to hang in the children's rooms.  Hugs,

fitzzer said...
Here's mine!

gdireneoe said...

OH NOOOO!(think Mr. Bill)... ;)  C.

mutualaide said...

Oh!  A very nice list indeed!

sunnyside46 said...

Oh, what fun! An excuse to list my blessings.
Y'all come see.