Thursday, December 15, 2005

Props Are Eternal

We'd like to welcome a new visitor to our small property. Her name is Maryanne and she owns 3 journals: My Feelings Are Real, Inside the Gilded Cage and Dark Side of the Moon. Please go visit and say hi to her.

We'd also like to acknowledge and greet another freshly minted visitor: (until we learn his name) he shall be referred to as RedsneakzHis journal is called Separation Anxiety. Go discover why he thinks his blog is worthless.

Good props come in threes, so we urge you to visit Carlos at his journal (damn, Carlos, you have to teach me how to upend the ?; I've no idea) where you'll find some intriguing musings.



globetrotter2u said...

Well aren't you guys just fabulous!

I love you already!

In reading your sidebar I had to laugh. I wrote a novel a couple years back called "The Trip". A couple agents liked it and wanted me to sign a contract with them. The only stipulation was that I had to have it professionally edited.

Well the guy I hired to edit the thing ripped it to shreds! He mutilated it until it no longer resembled what I had originally wrote in the least! I finally gave up on the project at the end for a lot of reasons, the editing experience being one of them.

But one lesson was quite valuable: If you enjoy writing learn how to edit your own work even if it involves taking a course in sentence structure or something!

In the meantime, I am looking forward to peeking into the pages of your written words as well:)

Thanx so much for pimping me Bonnie and Mott:):):)


lowatel said...

Quite an interesting Blog. I was invited to your site by Fitzzer. Nothing like an ounce of humor to go with a pound of pragmatism.

Please visit my Blog at:

Comment if you will.


randlprysock said...

I sure would like to go and visit these journals when things settle down with my wrapping duties.  Very nice that you are taking time to plug them.  Say, if you get a chance, I've been looking for directions on how to put the html codes into my journal so a person can just click and go there to the site or journal I'm referencing.  If you have directions could you email them to me sometime so I can print it out and keep it handy?

Can ya believe 9 days til Christmas?  This year has flown by!