Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bon & Mal's (Sometimes Timely, Sometimes Not) Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

Today's puzzle is brought to you by NASA (National Association of Struggling Artists.)

The Journal Sudoku that would normally appear in this space is still under construction, so Bonnie has kindly stepped in to remedy the situation, and today one of her 'Rungs' puzzles will appear.

If you haven't done one of these before, this is how it works - simply change one letter of the first word to form a new word, continuing to form words until you arrive at the last word.








The answer will appear next week, and depending on my ability to overcome lassitude, the regularly scheduled puzzle will be along tomorrow.


I used to have a pony tail - and one very pissed-off pony.

You know that you've chosen the wrong hotel when you discover an oyster cracker on the pillow and sand in the pump-action soap dispenser.


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sunnyside46 said...

You know your waitress is having a bad night when she has a tampon behind her ear and she can't find her pen.