Wednesday, January 11, 2006


We wish to sincerely apologize for the rash act that we committed yesterday, a mass mailing that turned out to be a well-known hoax. We did it for two reasons - the first being that it was calculated to appeal to our better natures, the second that it was sent to us by someone whom we trusted, someone who was, as were we, unknowledgable about this particular con. This episode has soured us on the forwarding experience, and we promise that it will not happen again. Please forgive us.

Having said that, we wish to deplore the despicable phenomenon of gulling susceptible people (such as us) in such a cynical fashion. While it ultimately did no real damage to our computer, it did impel us to question the email we receive even from those with whom we have communicated, people whom we have come to trust, because despite our suspicion of unknown and random emails, items such as this sneak in below the radar.

Those who concoct these items, particularly such atrocities as false "Amber Alerts", are shameless, disgraceful and reprehensible. We are incapable of expressing our utter disgust at those who prey upon the good natures of well-meaning people in such a misleading fashion. Needless to say, in future we will curtail our tendency to forward anything at all.



thinkingoutloud said...

It happens.
Your intentions were good.
I received the same email from 4 other journalers within minutes of receiving yours. I have to admit I was a bit miffed.
It's amazing how many emails such as that go round and round and round again. Years later!

Like crying wolf. That's the sad part of it all. When something truly happens people are sceptical.

Apology accepted:)
Thank you!

Lotsa love-

jcrazytrain said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you thought you were doin the right thing not ur fault. The dumb people that started it should be sorry :o) D

mutualaide said...

Hey you guys!  I appreciate your apology,although I didn't get the e-mail, but if I had all would be forgiven anyway -- We all make that mistake at least ONCE!  

mutualaide said...

Use to check any story you get through your e-mails or I'm sure there are other sites to use although I tend to use Snopes.  Works like a charm!

randlprysock said...

I don't know if I got one of the mailings or not.  I think I may have deleted it because I rarely open my mail.  I get too much.  The mail I do open I'm very selective about so no hard feelings from this corner.  Hugs,

fitzzer said...

Ahhh...don't worry about it! :)

bedazzzled1 said...

I'm with mutualaide on this is excellent to sort through the myths, truths, and half-truths of many stories. I have used it numerous times. Sometimes, it is simply interesting to read the contents. They are categorized very well.

And don't beat up on yourselves for anything you did with good intentions!

::smile:: or

sunnyside46 said...

hey it was no biggie. I had seen it before,but didnt' say anything because....why say something to make someone feel bad. I got a real ugly email from someone like that and thought, "have they no lives?"
It is good to hear from you. I have been missing talking with you