Monday, January 23, 2006

'Tis the Second Bon & Mal's Bonus Monday Puzzle Page

The puzzle today is brought to you by the fine folks at:

Twinings(R) of London and their still-acceptable product, Black Currant (Artificially Flavoured) Black Tea. (C'mon. Has the price of currants gone up that much?)

First, a tip o' the crossword pen toward those diligent scientists of the Land Down Under, for daring to conduct a study of this apparently blindingly obvious datum:

From USA Weekend -

A recent Australian study shows that those who sit six or more hours a day at work are more likely to be overweight than those with active jobs.

Thank goodness they've cleared that up.

Here is this week's JS.

Today's puzzle is quite easy, although we may at any given time drop a devilishly difficult one upon you. The journaler's screen name, the name of her blogspot journal, and the condition with which she lives are featured in the anagram/fill-in portion.

We're giving special mention to Celeste for being the only one to send us actual proof that she completed one of the puzzles. One other person, Vicki, furnished proof that she had finished her own puzzle.

Puzzles #6, 7 and 8 were respectively Vicki, Lori, and Christina.

Lastly, for a glimpse of life in Rochester, we offer this little item from yesterday's D&C:


A woman taking out the garbage got a surprise Saturday afternoon when she opened the can and found a man inside. He turned out to be a bank robbery suspect.

A Rochester Police Officer was able to capture the suspect a few streets over from Ashwood Drive, where he had been hiding.

Citizens Bank in Waring Road Plaza (incidentally, the same plaza in which the N.Y. State Office of Unemployment is located) was robbed about 11 a.m. when two men entered and passed a note to a teller. No weapon was displayed, and the teller gave the men an undetermined amount of money.

The suspects fled on foot. One of them was quickly caught by a police officer. Police were called back about 2:45 p.m. for the garbage-can suspect. The man in the can (wish I'd written that) was charged with robbery along with the other suspect.

One hopes the woman had the presence of mind to smack the clown with her bag of garbage before he fled. Ah, the unhappy life of a practitioner of clumsy crime.



tsgerkin said...

Hey Bon and Mal,

I lost computer rights prior to being able to tell you that I finished the 5 guilts... Thank you for tagging me, it was fun to think about the answers.  

How do you play your puzzels?  

Hugs and love,


gdireneoe said...

YAY!  Thanks for the NON AOL GENERATED ALERT (this is in case they are peeking...bastids).  I'm on it! ;)  C.

mutualaide said...

Ha!  It seems the Rochester area has more than its fair share of blundering criminals!  LOL