Sunday, January 8, 2006

Bon & Mal's Weekly Sunday Puzzle Page

Welcome back, puzzle fans, to the world of Journal Sudokus. It's gratifying to receive feedback from those of you who find these puzzles delightful. We thank you.

Today's puzzle features someone who recently received the gift of a new grandson. The anagram/fill-in features her first name and the name of her Blogspot journal.

Here are a few items that should have made it into the journal earlier, but for various reasons, did not.

First, we wish to thank one of our special and generous J-land friends for her Christmas gift, and proudly show it off.

Second, a small domestic cavil. We received from Wegmans a free coupon for what we assume to be a new product, Hot Pocket Subs. Bonnie brought home a package of the "Pepperoni Pizza"-flavored subs. Here is an actual, unretouched picture from the end panel of the box:

Doesn't that look yummy? Look at all those pieces of pepperoni escaping from the open end of the sub! Wow! A chunk of meat-, cheese-, and sauce-stuffed goodness!


Well ... we nuked the two subs and cut into them, barely able to contain our excitement. And then ...

To quote Bonnie, "I feel ripped off and we didn't even pay for it!"

For, you see, there was a plenitude of sauce and cheese. The quantity of pepperoni, though, that we were led to believe was massive, was somehow diminished. If there were two complete pieces in that sub, we would be surprised. If you don't mind the lack of meat, go ahead and purchase this expensive ($1.50 per 6" sub) product. Otherwise, you might want to fulfill your snacking needs with something else.

Lastly, from that hotbed of hooliganism called Kohl's, comes another little cautionary tale. To quote from the D&C's police blotter:

A shoplifter left the Kohl's store at 925 Holt Road at 10:26 a.m. Dec. 18 with a shopping cart containing 11 video games worth a total of $161.89 and 12 pairs of jeans worth a total of $354.88. When the suspect was confronted by a store employee, the man ran away.

Apparently the perp thought that Kohl's was holding a one-day "Free for Me" Christmas special. This little item also proves that doing nothing but sitting on your ass playing video games will wear out a lot of jeans seats.

That's it for now.



gdireneoe said... just struck me as funny.  I have the puzzle...dang i hope i can do this one!. ;)  C.

fitzzer said...

I just love your gift! Whoever sent it has great taste.
Those "subs" kind of remind me of the regular hot pockets - maybe they have a surplus supply and they're marketing them as something new? lol

sunnyside46 said...

I can't eat those box heat and eat things....the teens love'em

thinkingoutloud said...

I could have told ya the hot pockets are a rip off.
But you didn't ask!

Actually they don't taste that bad but the pic on the front of the box is a bit deceiving. Just slightly.
My Mom buys them all the time. To quote her "they are handy & the kids(grandkids) love them".
POOR grandma;0)

Have a peaceful day u2-
Huggs n love-