Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weather Report

Global warming, climate change - call it what you will, there is something occurring to our environment that is unsettling at best. In upstate New York, it is almost January 30th, normally the height of midwinter. At 11:21 pm, it is 50 degrees and there is absolutely no snow on the ground. The local weather news includes the fact that there are early blossoms beginning to appear, and they have facetiously issued an "earthworm alert", meaning that earthworms are indeed appearing above ground.

This "strange days" weather report has been brought to you by the good folks at -

Remember, as the legend so proudly boasts, "OUR MEATS ARE FRESHLY CUT"

Herewith the "Special Cuts" edition -

"Cut Me Up?" Hey, aren't the butchers supposed to do that? What happened to "Our Meats are..."

They can't cut up their meat but they can cut up their pasta? Huh?

Now this we can understand, but still .... they are butchers ...

Ahhhh ... it all becomes clear. Who has time to butcher meats when there are all those cold cuts to be sliced?

And then there's -

After carefully inserting, probing deeply with, and then withdrawing his digit from his nostril, Harold receives an astonishing revelation.

Bonnie, who has been watching The Food Network, remarks "Good Eats!"



fitzzer said...

PS. You're not kidding - pretty scary that it's January & 50 degrees there! Supposed to be about 50 below isn't it? lol

fitzzer said...

Hehhehe I love these things.
I've been Tivoing Good Eats myself lately - he does look remarkably like Alton doesn't he? Did you see Nick Tahoes was on the Food Network (featuring the Garbage Plate of course) the other day? In case you didn't - it was on "Unwrapped". Hugs, ~ Lori

sunnyside46 said...

we have had no weather below 40 this year either.
The mosqitoes will carry us off in the spring, not to mention if the water in the Gulf stays warm, the storms will be more dangerous.

bedazzzled1 said...

I have been griping about this winter being so mild. I look so forward to lots of cold and snow, and I have been robbed of it! Boo!

And LMFAO @ that nose-picking dude!

mutualaide said...

Oh dear!  Another great entry inspired by the thoughts of a man (and woman) crazed by ether!  LOL