Friday, November 17, 2006


In perusing yesterday's online papers, we discovered a couple of things that bemused us. In reference to our previous post, this article gave us food for thought.

Iraq's neighbors appear to be assuring us that partition would be a very, very bad thing. Why? The Saudi ambassador to the U.S. claims that it would lead to ethnic cleansing. Excuse us, but isn't ethnic cleansing exactly what is occurring now? Shias and Sunnis are killing each other. Partition would alleviate or obviate that, to our way of thinking.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is worried about an "ethnic-religious break." Should we care overmuch for his opinion, particularly when he likely is aided by the status quo?

It is obvious to us whose oxen would be gored by partition. It seems to us that the Saudis and Syria would benefit from a weak Iraq. Should we cater to these people, when they have done little or nothing to help us build a democracy in Iraq?

We have found in this article, also, what seems to be heavy irony.

Albert Einstein first posited what physicists now call "dark energy," but rejected the concept when Edwin Hubble's research led to the theory of the Big Bang, which seemed to disprove Einstein's idea. How ironic, then, that the telescope named for Hubble has now proved Einstein's concept to be correct. A further irony is that the Hubble telescope keeps turning up new discoveries, even though it is constantly in danger of having its funding cancelled.

Tis a wondrous world in which we live (*sigh*.)


Bonnie and Walt

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mutualaide said...

'Tis indeed.'  Hey, and don't forget the NEW 7 Wonders ... geeze Louise, who ARE these people?  

Must be a sign of the times ... our age.