Sunday, November 12, 2006

Presidential Follies

A long long time ago, during the days of Watergate, every so often a small publication would be issued featuring photographs with humorous captions. In that spirit, we have taken these photos and exercised a little artistic license. We have tried not to be mean-spirited, and we hope you understand that we are just having a bit of fun.

"Can you put it in terms that I can understand, Maxie?"

"'Big wind', Mr. President."

"Uh - gulags? Why would y'all ask?"

"Say, you're kind of a shrimp, ain'tcha? Heh heh heh."

"Dang! Laura told me to wear the red tie."

"What was that word again, darlin'?"


"Nope, don't think I know that one."


Bonnie and Walt




mtrib2 said...

Those are some amusing captions.     Hope you have a good week.    mark

mutualaide said...

Always the clever pair!