Sunday, June 26, 2005

Birds Fly Over the Rainbow

This will be my last falcon entry. No, I mean it! Here is one final picture of the last lonely falcon. Little Aconcagua finally flew early this morning (shakily, but still ...)

All the siblings except the little one have tumbled into the smokestacks at least once, but they've all managed to extricate themselves without human aid (I don't know why they don't put some sort of wire mesh over the stacks ... incidentally, the stacks are not part of Kodak, but one of Rochester Gas & Electric's old generating stations.)

Because of my lack of discrimination, we have accumulated well over 100 images, from nest inspection to this final picture (oh, yeah. Photo courtesy of Eastman Kodak Co., leading the way into our digital future.)

We hope you've all enjoyed the show.


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lamove04 said...

I hope you don't miss your falcons too much!  --Albert