Saturday, June 25, 2005

(my) anger was born again . . .

You all know that I seldom comment on the flash-in-the-pan antics of various celebrities, because I have better things to occupy me. However, after witnessing the interview on the Today Show between Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer, I have to speak up.

Matt Lauer is not my idea of a heavyweight, but he has experience and knowledge, and to be so totally disrespected by that nonestimable blowhard is inexcusable. Let's start with the fact that Cruise is in the process of marrying a woman nearly half his age. Has the man no dignity? Has he not progressed beyond childhood? What can he be thinking? (Well, I understand what he's thinking, but that's as far as it should go.)

He is also on the road supposedly promoting War of the Worlds, except that it barely rates a mention because he's much too busy promulgating his warped view of the psychiatric profession. This self-proclaimed 'expert' presumes to advise Brooke Shields on how she should be conducting her therapeutic regimen, and offers his view that no one needs therapy, antipsychotic drugs or ECT. A few vitamins and a little exercise will cure everything that's wrong.


As one who has been there and done that, I can say with absolute certainty that this 'man' needs to walk, and walk for miles, in the shoes of those who have trod that path. Until he does, he has no right to speak out so publicly about a subject with which he has, at most, only a nodding acquaintance.

Mr. Cruise, shut your mouth.

I personally hope that you soon sink back into deserved obscurity, because you disturb my hard-earned equanimity.

Thanx for listening.




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Ahh, another whose equanimity has been disturbed by Mr. Cruise.  Does he have ANY fans left, I wonder?  --Albert