Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Summer Reading

A while ago now, Bonnie began to methodically haunt our (really decent) local library for reading material, and she devoured every author she could find. We encountered many such, but one of her most enjoyable discoveries was an author named Donald Westlake. He is awesomely prolific, and has penned many styles within the mystery genre, but some of his best are what are termed 'comic crime capers'. If you have never had the pleasure of reading any of his work, please give it a try. Many movies have been based on his books; you may even have seen one or two.

My particular favorites are these:

'Dancing Aztecs' - 'Trust Me on This' - All the Dortmunder novels - and 'The Busy Body'

Movies have been made from 'The Busy Body' and four of the Dortmunder novels.

We hope you will enjoy.


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queenbigo said...

I am always looking for new reading material.  Thanks for the tips.