Sunday, June 26, 2005

... puzzle in my head ...

It's another one of those days where the desire to inscribe witty, scintillating and possibly uplifting commentary (Stuart Smalley, where are you when I need you?) is thwarted by the unfortunate fact that I seem to adhere to everything I touch (thank you, humidity) and frequent ablutions are of only momentary usefulness, so I'll inflict upon you another of those mazes that y'all seem to be clamoring for.

(Well, the graphics are slightly less murky this time. I count that as a small victory.)

I learned a new word today! The word o' the day is vilipend! If you haven't encountered it before, look it up!

We hope you all stay cool and equanimitous (is that a word? It is now.)


1 comment:

sistercdr said...

A/C, baby powder and ice tea ... the trick to not sticking to anything but yourself.  Good luck.