Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday Morning, 5 AM

I could live like this forever. This is my time of the day; I've always been a creature of the night. I sit, waiting for the sun to creep in on little mouse paws. A cup of lemon tea soothes the throat, and the music soothes the mind. It is quiet; only a distant train and a possum on the roof disturb the silence.

I have my work to keep me occupied, thinking how wonderful it is that this laptop makes my work so immeasurably easier than before. I used to work on a typewriter older than myself; it sits at the back of a closet now, gathering dust. It is still in good shape; if necessary, with a fresh ribbon, (do they still make ribbons for manual typewriters anymore?) it could easily be returned to service. But I adore this laptop.

I plan to derive as much enjoyment as possible from this day. I hope you all do too.



sistercdr said...

The peace and calm of the late night/early morning is something that never fails to get to me.  I hope your peace and enjoyment continue on throughout the day.

mnchickluvsocc said...

That was a wonderful entry. :)